Below you can find some examples of how we were able to help clients in the past.

How we save you money, time and trouble

We received a request from a group of overseas clients who own a hotel chain in Latin America. For their hotels they were looking to buy items such as toiletries, linen and glassware. They arranged a trip to China to visit the factories they found online.
They asked us to be their interpreter and assist them with any difficulties they might encounter. The first problem we were able to solve (luckily in time!) was their initial itinerary. The “factories” that presented themselves online, after our check, turned out to be either non-existent, did not produce the products they presented, or worked as mere middle-man.
We then conducted another search and arranged meetings with actual factories that were actually able to deliver the products that met the requirements, making their China trip a successful one.

How we minimize your risks

A problem one of our clients encountered was with paying for his order. He had a longstanding relationship with a supplier in China and with every order he would wire the money directly to the factory’s bank account. This time however, the supplier claimed the money was not received. The client consulted us, and after an investigation we found out that the email with the bank account number had been hacked. PSL Invest offered the client that he’d wire the money to us after which we would double check with the factory before we wired the money to the factory. Ensuring the factory would receive the money and the client his products.

How we can prevend you from being cheated

It is important to realize for any aspiring importer that everything in China changes very fast. Though this has many benefits, one of the downsides is that factories can open and shut down very quickly, decide to produce entirely different items and so on.
For this reason one of our clients came to us to request an audit of a factory in Jiangsu province. Luckily for him, this factory was not only in business but also was also producing the products he requested. After receiving our report the client decided to engage in business with the supplier and has now build a mutual beneficial relationship with the factory.

How we can act as your China representative office

Many importers, especially when they have a large and/or complicated order, find it very valuable to visit China and meet their supplier. With our help however, this is by no means necessary. A client asked us to check upon factories that could supply toilet paper. With his specific requirements we were able to locate several suppliers among which the client chose the one that was able to supply the specific product he wants.
Not only did he find a reliable supplier without having to make a trip to China, he also overcame language problems. The Spanish speaking client had no knowledge of Chinese or English, but with our bi-lingual staff this proved to be no problem.

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