Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can I import from China?

In the past we helped foreign clients source many different kinds of products. These range from home appliances and safety products to machine parts and toiletry items. If you want to know whether your required product can be sourced from China just send us an enquiry and we will get back to you.

I would like to import Ipads from China and sell them in my home country; can you help me?

Ipads and related products are highly popular products and Apple is a very successful company. For these reasons there are many people seeing a good business opportunity in importing cheap “Ipads” from China. You can find many suppliers of branded goods online, such as the Apple Ipad, however these will always be copies. It is illegal and possibly dangerous to sell fake goods, and therefore we cannot assist you in importing copied products.

I have an idea to manufacture my own unique product, is this possible?

Yes, depending on what kind of product we can assist you in finding a manufacturer for your product.

I just started my business and don’t have the funds to import large quantities, do you have any advice?

Generally speaking importing from China becomes worthwhile when buying in large quantities. We understand that, particularly in the beginning, you may prefer to start with small quantities. However, not all factories will want to deal with a client for only small orders and it will inevitably be more expensive. This being said, there are always exceptions and we are happy to look over the possibilities for you.


I found a great supplier on, can I trust him?

Websites such as and have made finding suppliers a lot easier. However, unfortunately there are also people that present themselves as suppliers but disappear once you send your money and you never receive your products.
We know how to check whether a supplier is an existing factory or a middle-man. Moreover we have an ever-extending database of suppliers with which we have done successful business with in the past.

Quality control

Is quality control really necessary?

Unfortunately a lot can go wrong during the production process. Spelling mistakes in your logo, wrong plugs, missing parts, scratched material, are all things not unheard of. Though we do our best to only work with suppliers that can provide the quality you asked for, there are always risks involved. This is why we always suggest you to let us take care of the quality control. This is a tool to make sure you end up with the products that meet your quality standards.

Do you offer any internationally recognized quality controls?

We can arrange for a SGS or ITS quality controls. Furthermore we can arrange chemical testing.


How many samples can I get? Are they for free?

This depends entirely on the type of product and the order quantity. When it is an existing (smaller) product the supplier might be able to give you a sample for free. You will just need to pay for the shipping costs. Contact us and we can easily check with the supplier.

What happens if I don’t like the samples?

When you don’t like the product you receive you can either go back to the same supplier and discuss other options, or find a different supplier altogether. When ordering a sample you are never obliged to place a large order!


Should I send my products by air or sea?

This depends entirely on the type of product, the weight, size, and when you would like to receive it. Shipment by air is fast, but will often be more expensive. Shipment by sea can take up to a month or more, but is relatively inexpensive.
We have close relationships with several couriers such as DHL, UPS and TNT. These couriers can deliver your products to your doorstep in several days.

How much does it costs to ship a 20” container?

The price depends on many different factors. We can quote you a price when we know: the Port of Loading (POL), Port of Destination (POD), whether it’s a full container or Less-than-container-load (LCL), date of shipment and whether the cargo has to be delivered to your doorstep or that you will pick it up in the port yourself. Contact us if you want a price quotation.

The supplier of my choice says the products will be shipped FOB Shanghai, what does this mean?

FOB stands for Free On Board, it is an internationally recognized incoterm. FOB Shanghai means that the supplier will deliver the products until it is onboard the vessel, in this example leaving from the port of Shanghai. From Shanghai until the final destination you are responsible to arrange the transportation. Don’t worry; we have excellent relations with numerous freight forwarders so we can take care of your shipping for a competitive price.

What about insurance?

We can inform you about the different insurance options available.


I would like to import some products for personal use from China, can you help me?

Yes we can. However there are a few things you should take into account. First of all, in most countries when you import products which will be sold to consumers you do not have to pay VAT when importing (only when selling again). When you don’t have a registered company you will most likely pay VAT over the products coming from China. Second of all, when importing for personal use the quantity is likely to be low. Though not all products have to be ordered in large quantities, we advise you to check and compare prices.

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