How we work
The following is a general outline of the ten steps that will lead to your import success.

In order for us to find your products as fast as possible we kindly request you to fill in and return the Product Specifications List and send it to so we can have a clear idea of your requirements.

Please note that this is an outline for general reference, every case has specific requirements.

Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.

  1. You contact us with your importing ideas.

  2. When you have a specific idea of which product(s) you are looking for, you give us as many requirements as possible.

  3. With the overview of potential suppliers in hand you select those you want to receive a sample from.

  4. We contact the supplier and make sure you receive the sample. When the sample is to full satisfaction, we send the order request to the supplier.

  5. We send you the final FOB price (purchase price) and reach a final agreement with you on the order. We confirm the order to the supplier who starts the production.

  6. You wire a 50% deposit to our bank account

  7. During the production process we conduct quality control and regularly check the progress in the factory.

  8. When the goods are ready for shipment you send us the remaining 50%.

  9. Depending on your logistic needs we now make sure the goods are delivered to the final destination. In nearly every destination port we have an agent that can assist you in your home country with local charges and paperwork.

  10. When your goods are delivered, you can start your profitable business!

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