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Finding the right supplier

Finding a trustworthy supplier that can supply the products you want is key to any import success. We will offer you a list of suppliers that can produce the goods that will meet your requirements.

When you have already found yourself a supplier we can check the legal status and advise you whether this supplier would be a reliable business partner. Furthermore we can negotiate on your behalf about price, quantity, lead time, payments terms etc. until we reach a full agreement on the order.

Quality control

When importing products from China it is important to keep a close eye on the quality of the products. The first step is finding the right supplier, the second step is making sure all the delivered products meet the requirements. For this reason we offer quality control. On your behalf we visit the factoryand check the products. We report back to you and send you pictures of the product. Quality control can be as extensive as you want it to be; everycheck will be tailored to your needs.

Translating, interpreting and offering you personal assistance in China

Language barriers can frustrate the import process. Our team consists of fluent Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish and Dutch speakers that can assist you in all your communication.

Many clients that have the opportunity choose to come to China to visit factories and establish relationships with the suppliers. We can assist you in arranging your China trip, set up match-making sessions with potential suppliers, accompany you with factory visits and assist you in all oral and written communication.


Once you have placed an order at the factory you need to decide which mode of transport best suits your needs. We have close relations with couriers and freight forwarders, both for transport by sea and by air. This enables us to take care of the transport of your goods at a competitive rate. We have experience in dealing with insurance, clearance costs, import taxes and so on, and we will assist you where necessary.

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